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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Together we can make it, I swear!

Well kiddos, it's about that time do tackle a review. and just for future notice, I'm going to refer to myself at the end of each blog as Red Sam, just because I'll need a good DJ name without just being lazy and coming up with DJ Shadow or Dj Dragon or something lame like that, but yeah that'll be my "signing off" name, could change, could not change.

Bascally, the review will work as follows:  
song is amazing, a must have masterpiece: 5 out of 5
song is not quite amazing, but still pretty awesome: 4/5
song is middle of the road: 3/5
song could do a hell of a lot better: 2/5
song is awfully generic, many problems: 1/5

Don't expect to have the in depth analysis of every part of the song(s) or album(s) I'll be taking a look at. I'm a music fan, just giving my input on the song and judging it as a fan. Reviews probably will be sprinkled in every once in a while, so the Request post should be getting a lot of comments coming in hopefully. If you've got any particular songs you'd want to see reviewed or critiqued, post in the request post and I'll do my best to review it. And maybe I'll do a song from my own library of music to review, name pending change it'll be called the URS choice.

Now, with all of the formalities out of the way, Let's take a trip to the 1980's. Don't you guys wish you could be in a hard rock band, singing your head off, shredding on the guitar, breaking cymbols, making the crowds go wild with the bass riffs? I'd imagine you would, but the specific song i'm taking a look at deals with good ol' average joes in the working class .Those guys ----------------------->
Bon Jovi, wrote Livin' on a Prayer in 1986 on the Album, Slippery When Wet: 

 Now basically, the story you have is just a little tale of two unrelated characters who have the same task of working crap jobs and barely getting by. Tommy works on the docks, and Gina works at a diner, that's all well and good, but what about the actual song.

Well, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi does a well enough job with the vocals to make me want to get out of my computer chair and start to headbang, or at least take out a lighter and wave it side to side. The song itself has a pretty decent solo on the guitar which makes it worth listening to just to hear the solo. The "story" of the song is only carried through two verses though, and the chorus gives us the "Perseverance" talk, sort of trying to make the listener empowered by hearing John, telling us to hold on to what we've got. The downside I see though, this songs drum part is just a little slow for my personal liking but it does fit the song properly. The bass lines are simple enough so the song isn't over powered with heavy bass, plus the vocals are powerful enough toward the end of the song to give the "empowered" feeling at the end. But...... mind you... the song is still rather cheezy by today's standards of music, besides, this song is in Rock Band 2 as one of the disk songs, and it's still one of those songs you'd just want to play just to lighten the mood a little if you really wanted to.

All in all, if you're gonna look for the throwback to the "You can do it!" type of music, this isn't one to pass up but if you're not into this whole "empowerment" thing, you may want to still try it before you skip it or you could completely skip it still. 

Scoring: 3/5. 

Red Sam signing off, Until next time kiddos.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pick a drummer. Any Drummer.(Top 5)

This time, we will discuss probably one of the most important parts of any band, the drummer.

I'll list my top 5 favorite drummers from the past and the present. You'll see drummers from as early as the 1960's to current drummers. Dead, Alive, irrelevant, they'll be mentioned in some way.
5) Ringo Starr from The Beatles. Yes, Ringo is number 5. His drum beats were pretty simple yet memorable, and combined with him being a partial singer behind John and Paul, would give him merit to be higher on the list, but he's well past his Beatles days and he's embarking on that Solo career that really isn't working out too great, it's probably best for him to just play for fun, not for money now-a-days. Songs of note: Octopuses Garden, Boys, Yellow Submarine.

4)Andrew Hurley from Fall Out Boy. Coming from doing literally all punk bands in his early days, Andy has been the drummer who likes to play fast and uses double bass when needed. It makes "poppy" sounding music more hard sounding when using two pedals instead of one and even if he is using one pedal, his feet are 'well trained' to make the hits sound like he's using more than one pedal when he's only got one. His fills are kind of unique but make the song he's preforming a whole lot better and less bland by changing the fill from what the CD song offered. He's a good drummer, and now he's in a metal super group back to playingthat fast paced type music. Songs of Note: Thriller, Dead on Arrival.

3) Bob Bryar from My Chemical Romance. He's probably one of the better unknown drummers out there(Not saying that MCR is an unknown band, just he wasn't known too well when he was with the band). His style is bordering on the fast paced Punk kind of deal probably crossing into some metal, but while with MCR it was sort of a Punk rock kind of deal, not too 'metal-ly' but not to 'punk-y'. Most of where his skill takes place is actually up-top, he's got probably some decent wrist control, making his rolls quite fast and he can be a little linear which is a downside. Songs of Note: Welcome to the Black Parade, Helena, I'm Not Ok(I Promise).

2) Shannon Lucas from The Black Dahlia Murder. This drummer probably is a perfect case of good musician, terrible band. His drumming skills are quite impressive for being in a terrible metalcore band. He also was in All That Remains, which again would have been a good example of Good musician, terrible band. His double bass skills make him sound like he's firing a machine gun instead of playing the drums, his rolls are lightning quick and i feel sometimes i have to have stop motion to view his ability. Though he comes with a downside, if you're not into that metalcore music, you probably will think he sucks, can't play or whatever, but his skill is rather impressive either way. Songs of Note: This Calling, What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse, Whispers(I Hear You).

1) Neil Peart from Rush. What else can be said? This guy is literally the benchmark for all drummers. His style is just so crisp, so clean, it's almost like you could write a few pages just on his drumming alone, than just his controbutions to Rush. You'll respect a musician with this type of talent after you hear any song by Rush. But if you're looking for particular songs: All of the Moving Pictures album, Der Trommler drum solo, Any Rush Album.
1) WHAT? A TIE FOR NUMBER 1? Yes. Buddy Rich. If you haven't heard of this guy, youtube him, wikipedia him, google him, do whatever you have to in order to know about GOD.

Honorable Mentions: Roger Taylor- amazing drummer from Queen. Brad Hargreaves from Third Eye Blind- underrated as hell, barely known for being pretty awesome.Keith Moon of the Who/Led Zepplin, probably one of the most amazing drummers ever. Any other drummers i'm missing, please comment, is this list accurate? Comment.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Music: Request?

Much like local radio station DJs, If you want an album reviewed, a song to be critiqued, or anything of tat nature, Leave a request in the comments section, and i'll do my best to critique the album.

If you've got a favorite album you'd like to include with your comment, please do so, and i'll list my favorites in my next update.

Until Next time, stay frosty children.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Music: Getting Started

In case you're just breaking into the music world, are looking for something new to listen to or are a grizzled music vet, here's some of my tips on what you should do to get started.

1) Find what interests you.
We all like some band or another who does a fast paced tempo with a mesh of epic power chords, pick tapping and what not, but others of us may just like to haer some simple acoustic strumming or maybe even electronic beats being made. It doesn't matter WHAT you listen to as long as it's something YOU want to listen to. If you're the person who lives a fast paced lifestyle, maybe Metal and Techno/Trance would be good for you, but i could be completely wrong and you like classical, it's whatever suits you best.

2) Don't limit yourself to the local radio.
Local radio only plays what is popular or favored. It's generally not the best place to find music unless you like hearing Ke$ha, GaGa, T-Pain, Akon, Kanye West or whoever suits you, it's generally not the best place for you to find something "new" to listen to, unless the DJ says it's a new artist, those come few and far between. 

3) WTF is an MTV?
Yes, i did say MTV. It's shocking that from the late '80's to now, "Music" Television went from music videos to reality shows about someone's big birthday party or whatever. If you're really going to get started in music, avoid this channel at all costs, it's very rare you find music that is new on here if any because they'll play what's popular.

4) Lo....Local Bands?
It's not going to be very hard to find a local band in your area. Ask around your school, your music stores and maybe the teachers. Most importantly you'd want to ask your friends if they're starting a band or doing a show, go to it, promote them to your friends and maybe you'd like what you hear.
5) Friends!
Ask your friends what they listen to, Maybe someone will tell you a musician who isn't in the mainstream, or maybe there will be some young up-and coming band you wouldn't know.

6) Who are these guys again?
Maybe you're in high school or college, and are remembering who you listened to in middle school or elementary and you liked them then, give them a spin again and see if you still are into that type of music.

7)Last. Fm
You like pop music but tired of the same musicians? You like Metal but you need something that gives an extra kick to it? use Last. FM. A hell of a lot of bands you've probably never heard of are on there as well as some classic bands too. type in a genre of music or a band name, and just let the music flow.

8) Oldies are still goodies
If you're still having trouble listening to the "young people music" don't be afraid to see what your mom and dad may or may not have been listening to from the 50's, 60's 70's or even the 80's(Well maybe not the 50's for your parents but probably your grandparents). Quite a bit of our bands that we listen to now-a-days are honoring some of the people who have paved the way for the bands of Today. If you'll take the effort to look for bands from that Era, you will be rewarded with some pretty awesome music.

Maybe these tips will help you to get started on what type of music you'll want to listen to if you want to expand your taste or keep going into the same genre you've been listening to for however long. just enjoy the music.

These tips may or may not help you to get started with your music selection or if you're looking for something completely new that'll help you too. Just be prepared to find new bands you'll come to know and love.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome listeners.

welcome to the universal radio station viewers.

I'm here to tell you about some of your favorite bands, some bands you may have not even heard of and maybe even some bands that we used to listen to. It'll be quite an experience.